San Diego Water Restrictions Just Got Tougher!

The City of San Diego has again tightened up on outdoor watering beginning today July 1, 2015 outdoor watering is restricted to 2 days a week, 5 minutes per station, along with the mandate that no outdoor watering is permitted within 48 hours of a measurable rainfall. Absentee homeowners will face a challenge. Who is going to turn off their sprinkler system to comply with the “no watering within 48 hours after a rainfall rule?

Typically landscapers and gardeners are rushing from job to job, with no time to spare for extra activities such as adjusting sprinklers for their Absentee Homeowners. Calling neighbors many times is just not an option.

We can help! Coast Home Watch offers concierge service for our Clients.  We are proactive with our Clients homes such as turning off those sprinklers, calling landscapers to check sprinkler operation when plantings are looking weak, along with our standard duties of checking homes and landscapes.

If you find yourself out of state or out of country and need assistance with the new mandatory San Diego Water regulations please call us at 858-254-3602.

We are here to help you with your home and property when you’re away!

You can find additional information for new San Diego Water Restrictions at:

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