San Diego Water Restrictions Just Got Tougher!

The City of San Diego has again tightened up on outdoor watering beginning today July 1, 2015 outdoor watering is restricted to 2 days a week, 5 minutes per station, along with the mandate that no outdoor watering is permitted within 48 hours of a measurable rainfall. Absentee homeowners will face a challenge. Who is going to turn off their …

San Diego Drought and Lawn Survival 101

San Diego has had a lot of media attention lately regarding our current drought. Owning a home with a lawn used to be an item of joy, envy and pride. Many homeowners have started reconsidering landscape choices due to the rising cost of water and or comments from friends or just well meaning strangers passing by the home. Lawns are …

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The blog for Coast Home Watch is now up and running! Be sure to check back often, we’ll be updating our blog quite a bit with the newest information about our services and our service areas. Thanks for visiting!